Installation & Repairs

Solar systems

Heaters, Pumps, Filters, Lights

Automated Controllers

Salt Systems

Automatic Chemical Feeders & Pool Cleaners

Additional Services

Additional Services

Relocation of existing filter systems

Plumbing/Repair of leaks above ground

Acid Washes

Mastic (expansion gap) replacement

Algae Treatment



Sterling Pools, Inc. is fully certified, licensed, insured and bonded to provide full maintenance and repair services for swimming pools, spas, fountains and other water features.

We work in a variety of commercial venues including apartment complexes, condominium communities, hotels, and home owners associations.

Over the last forty years we have developed a very reputable relation with management companies around the Bay area and they trust us with their pool and spa service accounts. See who we work with.

Our maintenance service is fully in compliance with Santa Clara County Environmental Health department rules and regulations and our service technicians are trained and knowledgeable with up to date county regulations.



Sterling Pools, Inc. offers maintenance, repairs and installations for residential pools and spas. What sets us apart from our competitors is our exceptional service, professionalism and reasonable rates. Our staff are all full-time employees.

Monthly and Vacation Maintenance

Pool and Equipment Inspections

Installation and Repairs

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