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Owner Homan Toussimehr has owned Sterling Pools Supplies & Service, Inc. for 22 years and strives everyday to improve his company and his services, and to take care of his employees.

Today, Sterling Pools Supplies & Service, Inc. has twenty one wonderful and dedicated employees who have been with the company ranging from 5 years to 22 years. The company has over 700 residential and commercial accounts, and works with many management companies and apartment complexes.


More about Homan

I attended Aptos High school and Cupertino High school, and then attended San Francisco State University where I graduated in 1993 with BS in electrical engineering. After my graduation I took two years traveling abroad and learning about different cultures, customs and people.

I came back to the United States in 1995 and began working for 3COM as a production engineer.  But I always had a passion to have my own business and work with people while being outdoors, and not be stuck behind a desk in an office and be limited with what I can do.

While working for 3COM I had meet one of my dad’s friends who was a business realtor and had asked him to keep an eye out for a business for sale. In 1997 I left my successful job with 3COM and bought Sterling Pools without any experience with pools and not even knowing the slightest things about pools or pool equipment!  I purchased the business because knew this is what I wanted to do, to work with people while spending time outdoors.

For the next two years I worked tirelessly to learn everything there is to learn about pools by reading books attending training seminars, talking with pool equipment manufacturing company reps and rolling up my sleeves and going out on the field and doing a lot of the work myself.  It was a difficult two years but I laid the foundation of a strong networking and experience.

Now, 22 years later, I have a very successful and reputable business which consist of doing pool service, installing and repairing pool equipment, installing solars, and doing pool inspections for many residential homes and commercial properties and real estate agents in the South Bay & Peninsula.  

Today we have twenty one wonderful & dedicated employees who have been with the company ranging from 5 years all the way to 22 years. My employees are my number one asset for the company.

I strive to make this company better everyday while taking care of my employees. Having the background in electrical engineering helps me greatly in understanding the ever more complex pool and spa hi-tech equipment. We currently have 700 residential and commercial accounts working with many management companies and apartment complexes.